Gift Guide to Your Date Night!

We're planning the perfect date night for you so that you don't have to with our date night must-haves! 😉
Here's how your night is going to go:
Stay in for dinner and pop open a bottle of wine. My favorite dinner is when my husband makes me his famous risotto - yum! Pair dinner with a glass of red wine in your new Angled Wine Glasses and it makes for a great at-home date night.
After dinner, explore our body oil massage candle together! The Eat Me Out Candle is a  playful way to drop a hint and has a pourable spout for massaging all the things. It has an intoxicating aroma of sandalwood, papyrus, cardamom & other fragrance notes that smell like sex!
Then how about adding a vibrator? Because why not, it could be a fun addition to your date night! Our Vibrator Necklace is both an aesthetic piece of jewelry and a high-quality clitoral vibrator with uncompromising functionality.
You're probably going to need to wash off the body oil at some point so we suggest sharing a shower together and relish in the lavender and rosemary scents with our Shower Steamers
After your shower, it's time to snuggle up. Our Send Nudes sweatshirt is every bit of cozy and an FF favorite! It's fleece inside is perfect for those cuddly nights.