The Perfect Gin & Tonic Recipe!

My personal favorite cocktail is a Gin & Tonic! I highly recommend this recipe for those that love a delicious G&T too!

Personally, I love mine with the following ingredients:

  • 3oz of Conniption Gin (Navy Strength)
  • 4oz of Mediterranean Tonic
  • Slice of grapefruit
  • Ice to keep it cool
  • Add a sprig of rosemary and thank me later
  • And rosebud tea for a fun addition!

Craft the perfect gin and tonic with our Angled Crystal Gin and Tonic Glasses! The wide mouth enhances the natural aroma of the gin and improves overall taste, while the balloon glass allows for plenty of ice. Lead-free crystal displays garnishes with handsome clarity, whether opting for fruit or herbs and florals, reflecting gin's botanicals.

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